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What equipment to use for removing mold yourself?

Tampering with this type of mold without the correct training and safety gear can cause more harm than good, spreading spores around and sometimes making the growth more aggressive. However, gentle “vanilla” types of mold and mildew can be reduced in appearance … Read more

Water Removal: It’s a Process

Water damage can be a very serious issue, Whether it be from a leaky pipe on your washing machine, a clogged drainpipe in your sink, or a flood, your house can be left looking like an aquarium in no time! … Read more

Are You a Water Restoration Specialist?

There are a few basic tips you can learn that can help you prevent water damage at a very early stage. Let’s first begin discussing various preventative measures you can take to protect your house from sudden floods. Advantages When … Read more

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Everyone believes there may be a difference between the clean air within the countryside and the smoggy, polluted air in the city. Whether in downtown LA or Times Square, Big Apple, the contaminants and antigens that are found throughout the … Read more

Crisis Water Damage Restoration

All of us are knowledgeable about those thunder storms where the weather reporter informs us to stock up because the flood is on its way. It carefully commences overnight, and by half way through the day, the Amazon River is … Read more

How Does Mold Grow

Everybody knows that feeling of walking in to a place and sensing the hot, moist, stale summer air just hanging throughout everything. Those true muggy summer days when all you want is an air conditioner, a huge glass of soda … Read more

Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning

We are all familiar with those beyond hot and moist summer season where we change from air-conditioned location to air-conditioned location. Evidently every place we go year round, the air is being tampered with to make it fantastic. This all … Read more

Determine the Indications of Water Damage

It doesn’t take very much water to do a significant amount of harm to a house. A compact break in a water can, a water tap that isn’t turn off completely, or some times a blocked strain, can overtime slowly … Read more

Mold Health Risks

Everybody knows those parts of the household that we never go in. The black parts of the living room that yet distress us from when we were little kids, the far back room in the basement, the attic. Nevertheless even … Read more

Mold Types & Sorts

We have all discovered a loaf of moldy bread or taken a chunk of cheese out of the fridge to determine interesting blue and white spots on the sides. We identify that it is mold, get annoyed that we are … Read more