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911 Restoration Oakland provides licensed services in Alameda and its trained staff is ready 24/7 to help you when you need it. 911 is a professional company and is a IICRC member. Thus, you can be assured of high quality service. Each of our team members are experts with years of experience. When you’ve incurred water damage Alameda, our emergency service fixes your water damage problem quick.

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Expertise and Solutions

Think about it. If your toilet overflows, or a pipe breaks, or there’s a stream or river that’s overflowed and your home has incurred water damage, you need a professional team of experts. 911 Restoration provides solutions that span the spectrum. Our trained staff members are experts in water damage remediation, but our expertise doesn’t stop there.

For example our services in Alameda include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Flood Damage
  • Flood clean up
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Sewage Cleanup


Water Damage Cleanup

Do you know where the water damage in your home has come from? Did you leave a faucet on? Did your toilet overflow? Did really hard rains flood your basement? The truth is, no matter where the water damage has come from, you’re eventually going to need to conduct a water damage cleanup. When you do, it makes sense to choose a professional team that has years of experience on the job. 911 Restoration Oakland has all the right equipment and tools to ensure that your home or business’s water damage cleanup is as efficient and professional as possible.

Mold Exposure

Where there’s mold exposure, there’s usually some type of sickness. People exposed to mold exhibit respiratory problems or sometimes what appear to be the symptoms of a common cold. The thing is, when mold is present, the symptoms just don’t disappear. Thus, mold exposure is something to be avoided. To help you avoid mold exposure, 911 Restoration tests for mold after your business or home experiences water damage, and then conducts a professional mold removal. To learn exactly how, you should contact 911 Restoration Oakland today.

Cleaning the wall

Furnace Cleaning

Did you know that you can waste a lot of fuel as well as lower your furnace’s efficiency if it’s dirty? It’s true. Dirt can affect every component in your furnace, including the blower, the motor, and the filter system. When that happens, it can make your furnace use more energy than it needs. That’s bad for your pocketbook, and it’s bad for the environment. 911 Restoration is able to conduct a furnace cleaning that gets your furnace up and running in prime condition in no time.

Fire Damage Smoke Odor Removal

The smell of smoke can hang around for a very long time after a fire has burned itself out. No one enjoys the smell. However, the smell is the least of your worries. Smoke damage can actually cause much more damage and make the living environment extremely unpleasant. You don’t know how far the fire spread, and you certainly have no idea how extensive smoke damage can actually be. You see, smoke can penetrate to hidden areas you can’t see, and that smoke can cause much damage in those hidden recesses. Our professionals can help remove the odor of smoke and do wonders when it comes to fire damage restoration.