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In cities like Lafayette water damage is one of the serious threats posed against homeowners. It can cost many millions of dollars in reparation and restoration for those who fall prey to the damages of flooding. That’s why our services here at 911 Oakland have been carefully honed through years of experience working in this community. We work to prevent as much damage and preserve as many homes as possible with our expert restoration procedures. Here at 911 Oakland we pride ourselves upon our high standards of expertise for emergency services. When there is a home to restore from flood or smoke damages incurred, you can count on our highly trained staff to have solutions for you. Fully licensed and a proud member of the IICRC, our team here at 911 Oakland is proud to be on call 24/7 to help you when you’re in need.

Expert Solutions

When it comes to home disasters there is more than one threat to your peace. Often remediation companies like ours are cited primarily for the restoration of homes from water damage Lafayette. But there are many more services we offer, bringing expert solutions to counter your troubles. For flooding, the most significant assurance of good results centers upon having access to the proper equipment that will help to remove the water quickly and dehydrate the moisture caused by standing water. Our team is equipped with high-grade tools; from vacuums to pumps, we have what it takes to restore a home after flooding. In the case of black mold we offer assistance and solutions for inspection, testing and remediation of toxic spores out of the home. And after fires, we can assist with cleaning up by providing high-grade cleaners that will remove the caustic pollutants of smoke. Our services in Lafayette include:

  • Flood Clean Up
  • Sewage Clean Up
  • Water Damage Safety and Health
  • Water Damage Packing Service
  • Flood Clean Up

    The key to flood cleanup is actually rooted in the speed of response to the crisis. When a flood goes unnoticed for many hours, it will do far more damage than a flood stopped up and a home dried out quickly. The minute you discover a flood in your home, stop water damage Lafayette! Simply call for 911 Oakland no matter what time it is, day or night. Our 30-minute response policy and efficient teamwork will ensure that water is removed from the home as quickly as possible and that you get the tools in place to help prevent further damage from contagions such as black mold.

    Sewage Clean Up

    When it comes to dangers from flooding, the most dangerous situation of all is sewage flooding. Lafayette water damage is even worse when the water is full of bacteria and other contaminants that can spread disease and filth when they are not treated properly. Do not attempt to remove and clean sewage floods on your own. Allow professionals with the right protective gear and equipment to assist you and keep your family protected from the filth. With the proper cleaning equipment and high-strength cleaners, our team can completely eradicate any pollutants from your home.

    Water Damage Safety and Health

    Sewage floods are one of the dangers that come with flooding. Additionally, when the home is not treated properly and inspected after flooding, black mold can become a threat to health. Understand that for these home crises, professional protective gear and our expertise are the only way we can ensure that you and your loved ones will be protected from dangers and that your home will be restored to its pre-flood condition.

    Water Damage Packing Service

    When floods do occur, our team will do more than just clean up the water around your property. We take the entire situation into consideration and understand the importance of protecting and preserving your belongings and their part in your comfort. Our team provides complete packing services in the case of flooding. We will help you by carefully cleaning and packing all belongings that can be preserved and ensuring that you get them back.

    Don’t let disaster threaten your peace and comfort. Trust 911 Oakland with your property and we’ll show you what expert service really means.