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911 Restoration provides you with the highest level of emergency service restoration 24/7. We have a fully trained staff on hand to assist. Our Pittsburg water damage experts can be at your front doorstep within a half hour to salvage the wreckage. We are licensed IICRC members with years of experience in the field. Our professional services extend all throughout the Contra Costa County. Give us a phone call as soon as you’ve incurred any type of water damage. We offer reasonable rates that will be given to you beforehand, since we’re upfront with our customers.

911 Restoration Expertise & Solutions

We’ve assembled the most dedicated Pittsburg water damage specialists around. We carefully select each technician, since they must meet our criteria before joining our team. We make sure you get the highest quality results during any emergency water damage situation. You won’t have much luck using ordinary towels to absorb the water. We use industrial strength powered wet vacuums and dryers to finish off the restoration touches. Once the water has been removed from carpeting, an air blower is then used to speed up the process. Time is too valuable to waste! Our services in Pittsburg include:

  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Water Damage Drywall
  • Dry Out & Repairs

Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is every homeowner’s greatest fear. A leaky faucet pipe could be the guilty suspect. Not to worry because we offer the finest water damage cleanup services in the city. Our renowned water damage Pittsburg crew will work their magic so that you don’t walk around a watery carpet. We will then clean the affected areas, so mold and mildew never gets the chance to form. In order to better assess the damages, we will take photos and measurements, which will also determine the final price. You’re in great care with us!

Sewage Cleanup

There is nothing as disgusting and dangerous as filthy raw sewage. We have an outstanding group of sewage cleanup specialists that will properly sanitize the nasty waste and rid it from your home. Sewage contains many harmful toxins and chemicals, which can actually cause serious health problems. We advise you not to touch the sludge and to seal off all areas with a few towels if possible. Leave the cleanup to the trained professionals! It’s important to keep an eye on small children, since they are easily vulnerable to the toxins.

Water Damage Drywall

Water damage extends far beyond the annoying dripping sounds and wet floors. Water also damages drywall and peels it off completely. No need to break down the walls. Our talented Pittsburg water damage experts will repair the drywall and restore it to it’s original state. We consider ourselves perfectionists when it comes to restoring drywall. We can even help you choose a brand new coat of paint and give your home a newer look. The first few hours are crucial to determine if the drywall can be saved. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Dry Out & Repairs

We handle everything related to water damage repair and professional dry out. As a matter of fact, we’ve built our elite reputation and established ourselves as the leading authorities in water damage restoration throughout the years. We’re a committed company always looking out for your best interests. We are nationally recognized insurance vendors and we offer a simplified payment approach known as direct billing. We can also restore photo albums and clean non-walled carpeting. We are always happy to answer your questions with a smile! We’ll be here for you rain or shine 24/7. Pick up the phone and contact us today for a free estimate.