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You put everything you have into your house, the place you live in, the place you spend your days in, the place you raise your family in. You put your time into it, you put your money into it, and you put your energy, creativity, and love into it. That’s why when some calamity strikes your house many times the heartache outweighs the financial related stress. Be it water damages, fire damages, mold, or any other affliction that damages your house, you’ll probably be relieved to learn there’s an effective and easy way out of it. Your ordeal can be dramatically shortened.
911 Oakland is the best and most professional restoration services company in the larger Oakland area, let alone in San Ramon. There are several advantages we offer our customers that make it very easy for them to decide to put their trust in us. The facts that we’re available 24/7, that our technicians are licensed and bonded, that we provide on going service as well as emergency service, and that we offer professional and extensive solutions, practically guarantee that we’ll provide you with the best and fastest solution to your every restoration need.

911 Oakland – expertise and solutions

We do one thing and we do it great – we take care of damaged properties. Whether we’re talking about fire damages, water damages, mold issues, or any other damage, our expert teams are up to the job.
There are several important factors that determine the effectiveness of the solution your restoration company will provide you with.
Training – our technicians are thoroughly trained, fully certified, and completely bonded. This means you’ll get someone that knows what they’re doing.
Experience – our experts are extremely professional. Technicians aren’t born professional. They get their experience by handling damages, day in day out, for quite some time. This means you’ll get someone that’s already faced and resolved whatever predicament you’re dealing with.
Equipment – even the best technicians need their equipment to deliver the best possible solutions. 911 Oakland’s equipment is state of the art. Our technicians are geared up with the best, newest, and most advanced equipment modern technology can offer.
Our services in San Ramon include:

  • Water damage safety and health
  • Water damage drying
  • Sewage cleanup and disinfection
  • Flood cleanup

Water damage safety and health

Water damages don’t pose only aesthetic difficulties, they also pose serious health and safety threats. Where there’s water and humidity there’s mold. Mold, can even be toxic at times. Toxic or not, mold spreads mold spores through the air that may cause breathing related issues and respiratory illnesses. That’s precisely the reason water damages should not be taken lightly, but rather be dealt with as soon as possible.

Water damage drying

For the ordinary Joe, dealing with water damages is like sending a rocket to the moon (unless you’re a rocket scientist). However, for water damages restoration professionals, drying out water damages is done on a daily basis. The methods our technicians apply and the equipment they use make their work that much more effective.

Sewage cleanup and disinfection

Although it’s out of sight, and for good reason, sewage sometimes overflows or causes any number of troubles. When such things come to pass professional sewage cleanup and disinfection services are required. Professional technicians will get the job done for you quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible.

Flood cleanup

As unfortunate as it may be, floods do happen from time to time. When your property gets flooded professional flood cleanup services are in order. Such professionals will be easily able to dry out your property, take care of water damages, and save whatever can be saved.