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You don’t have control over Mother Nature, you do have the ability to contact the pros at 911 Restoration for all flood damage restoration services. Floods can leave your home looking like an aquarium in very little time. We rush to your home and safely drain out the excess flood water. We are available 24/7 in the city of Oakland for all emergency flood damage cleanup services. If your basement is knee deep in water, you will not want to let any small children enter the area. We highly recommend sealing off the basement by placing towels underneath the door to prevent water from spilling over to other parts of the house. You’ll also be impressed with our rapid arrival time of 30 minutes.

Every homeowner should have a solid flood insurance policy plan. Homes that are near bodies of water face the greatest risk for flood damage. 911 Restoration works side by side with nearly all major homeowner insurance companies. Our friendly customer care staff will help you with all claims paperwork. We offer the most competitive pricing in the city with guaranteed results! 911 Restoration provides a full list of water damage restoration services, which includes; flood damage cleanup, basement water damage cleanup, sewage cleanup, water extraction & removal, professional carpet cleaning, drywall repair and much more. Flood water can be highly toxic, especially if it comes in contact with a sewage drain pipe. That’s why we come well-equipped with specially designed protective safety gear. We take no chances with your safety at 911 Restoration !

Floods can turn your home upside down in a matter of minutes. Flood damage is never a pleasant situation. The experienced flood damage restoration technicians at 911 Restoration know this all too well. That’s why we offer a convenient accessibility rate of 24 hour a day emergency coverage. You can’t predict when Mother Nature will unleash her wrath, but you can help limit the damages with a quick phone call. We safely evacuate you and your family before cleaning up the area. We can restore valuables, furniture, and other household items if the damages are not too severe. It’s important to contact us immediately if you’ve experienced any type of water damage situation in general. Each second counts in the restoration process.

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We’ve been assisting the Oakland community for a number of years through all flood damage emergencies. We always strive for elite quality results and customer satisfaction. Our reputation has brought us new referrals on a regular basis, thanks in part to our fantastic team of specialists. Our goal is to successfully serve the residents of the Oakland community, one home at a time! Contact us right away if you’ve fallen victim to flood damage. We’re here to help get your home back to normal in a flash!