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Nature shows us its strength much too often. Volcanos eruptions, earthquakes, storms, tornados, and the like exert such raw and brutal force that it can be frightening. However, much more mundane elements can also cause vast damages. Water, which is the essence of life, can also bring about calamity and ruin.

911 Restoration is Newark’s leading water damages restoration company. Each and every one of our technicians is licensed, bonded, insured, and exhaustively trained. They have all undergone comprehensive training and certification processes, ensuring that our customers will be treated by the best. As 911 Restoration is an IICRC member we strive to deliver the most professional, the most thorough, and the most effective solutions technology allows. This way, our customers absolutely know they can rest assured while we take care of business.
Our dispatch center is manned 24/7 and offers swift response on site by professional and well equipped crews.

Expertise and solutions to any wet situation

Humidity and water can bring about more damage than you can fathom. Water gets into walls, floors, carpets, furniture, doors, and practically everywhere. A quick and timely response is one of the key factors to containing such damage. That’s why you should call professionals the second you spot any sort of water damage. Waiting too much will make the restoration process a much more costly endeavor.

Our technicians are fully equipped with the best, most advanced, and most innovative technology and equipment designed to handle any situation involving water or humidity. We’ve developed a wide range of services to meet your every need.
Some of our professional services in San Lorenzo include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood clean up
  • Sewage damage clean up
  • Dry out and repairs


Water damage restoration

Some think water damage can’t be reversed, that they’ll have to live with the stains, residue, and damage forever more. But that’s not accurate. Given the right equipment, the right technology, and the right professionals – almost anything damaged by water can be restored. Trust us, it’s what we do. Our experts are well versed in completely drying sites damaged by water and humidity, helping to save whatever can be saved.

Flood clean up

Not only can floods lead to heartache they may very well lead to extensive damage to walls, carpets, floors, furniture, and other parts of your house or office. Trying to get things back to normal all by yourself can be a daunting, if not an impossible, task. That’s why it’s wise to call professionals in such times. Our experience, our professional equipment, and our proficiency, will get your property, be it home or office, back to its former glory.

Sewage damage clean up

There’s a reason why sewage flows underground. When it comes up – it can bring about extensive damages and even devastation. Trying to deal with sewage damages on your own is next to impossible. However, with our equipment and professional crews, nothing is impossible. Our crews will get you through this ordeal and restore your premises to its former glory.

Dry out and repairs

Water and humidity are not things to be taken lightly. Quite the opposite, they should be taken quite seriously and dealt with quite quickly. After you call us to provide extensive and professional dry out services there will still be abundant damage to deal with. Luckily, our crews are extremely trained in all tasks and procedures pertaining to restoration. Hence, what you will really get is an all-in-one package, as we’ll not just provide you with dry out services but also take care of any apparent and concealed damage.