The ABC’s of Hurricane Naming

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Have you ever wondered how hurricanes are named? Katrina, Sandy, Allison, Debby—such sweet sounding names for natural disasters that, had logic prevailed, would have been named Havoc, Grief, and Chaos.

Forced to respond to and deal with between 40 and 50 hurricanes during hurricane season, the National Hurricane Center uses lists of pre-approved names, the first of which was generated in 1953. The lists—one for each year—consisted only of female names until 1979, when the Center, which had most likely ran out of female names, decided to alternate between male and female names


Hurricanes are named alphabetically and in chronological order. Accordingly, the first hurricane or tropical storm of the season is given a name that begins with the letter “A,” the second with the letter “B,” and so on. The list of pre-approved names stops at W, but excludes all names that begin with “Q” or “U.” The National Hurricane Center has generated six lists of names, using them on a rotating basis. The names of exceptionally destructive hurricanes are struck of the list, never to be used again. Never again, then, will a hurricane be named Katrina, Charley, or Andrew.

The ABC’s of Declaring a Disaster Zone

A disaster zone is a region or locale that has been heavily damaged by natural, technological, or social hazards (examples: a hurricane, a nuclear leak, or a war), leading to food shortages, loss of power, and, in some cases, disease. Here in the United States, the process of having an area classified as a disaster zone begins with the governor of the affected state, who sends a Preliminary Damage Assessment to FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). IF FEMA decides that the damage is of such magnitude that the state cannot organize an effective response, it will allocate federal resources and manpower for relief, rebuilding, and recovery.

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