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There are a lot of causes of water damage. Your washing machine hose might be broken or your sink might be clogged. Heavy flooding and storms can leave your home badly damaged. Whatever the case may be, you need to have the right tools to safely handle the situation. Water damage restoration is a long complex process. The first step in safely draining all the water out is by having the right equipment for the job. Unless you happen to work in the field, you most likely don’t have any access to these specific water removal tools. You can rent them from a store, but it’s always advisable to call for a pro. A reliable water damage restoration company will have the right equipment to quickly restore a water-filled mess. So, what exactly are these tools?

Here is a list of the most used water damage restoration equipment:

Industrial Vacuums

These are more commonly referred to as wet-vacs, which are specially designed to drain all excess water out. A wet-van is similar to your household vacuum, only it’s designed to to work with wet materials. These heavy duty vacuums suck up all the water from the damaged areas. Instead of a regular vacuum filter, wet-vacs have specially built fluid containers. Make sure the water is safely drained.


A low dehumidifier works in the case of a water damage situation. High capacity dehumidifiers remove all excess water from large areas, and prevent the growth of mold. Dehumidifiers are ideal for people who also suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues.

Flood Pumpers

Flood pumpers are machines that suck up water that can’t be removed by any other means. Flood pumpers come in large or smaller sized, depending on the severity of the damage.

Air Blowers & Dryers

Air blowers are powerful, and used to move air over the area to dry it quickly. They can be used to dry both bare floors and soaked carpeting. The circulation of air also helps prevent mold buildup and mildew growth. You can angle the air blowers from different angles for maximum drying abilities.

Why Choose Us?

At 911 Restoration, we use a wide variety of water removal equipment. We carry the most industrial vacuums and dehumidifiers to carefully drain out every last drop of water from your home. We are the most professional and reliable water damage restoration company in San Francisco. We offer the most reasonable rates, and quickly clean up the flooded damage inside your home. All work is done on the spot, and our equipment is also environmentally friendly as well. That translates into fresher and cleaner air circulating throughout your house. Give us a call today, and let us quickly come to the rescue!