How To Prevent Mold In Your Home?

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It’s very easy to take measures before mold becomes an issue to stop it from growing, but much harder and more expensive to deal with a mold  blight once it has grown out of proportion and started attacking the structure of your home and very likely your health and the health of those around you.

Ventilation: Opening windows, allowing fresh air to circulate is a very effective and easy way to prevent mold from growing. It’s ironic that a reason why many homes experiencing mold keep windows and doors closed to the outside is because they feel the cold air will make inside damp. It’s the opposite – it’s the dampness from the INSIDE of your home or office, causes by respiration (breathing), condensation, cooking, showering and other activities that causes damp.
With no open airway to disappear through, the damp settles on surfaces, providing the ideal breeding ground for mold.

So, open the windows!

Heating: When used in combination with open windows, a vacuum effect is also a powerful anti-mold strategy. Heating dries wet areas, causing faster evaporation, meaning that damp spots become arid and without water faster. The heating system is your friend and a faithful ally in the battle against mold – use it!
Tiles and non-cellulose/non-wooden surfaces: These materials are a haven for water, meaning a super-grocery store for mold. In the parts of your home, office or workplace where water is circulations (such as restrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and cooking areas), try to use tiles or other non cellulose or non-wooden fabrics and materials on the walls and floors. Waterproof paint is also a must.
Ventilation again! It’s so important, it needs to be mentioned twice. This time, not just with windows, but having specially installed ventilation units put into place in those water and steam-caught areas of your home, office or workplace. They will make all of the different to removing the unwanted warm, wet air and humidity from the inside, meaning you are doing great work to keep the mold out.