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Water damage can be a very serious issue, Whether it be from a leaky pipe on your washing machine, a clogged drainpipe in your sink, or a flood, your house can be left looking like an aquarium in no time! That’s why it’s so crucial to remove the water immediately. It takes a well qualified and highly skillful water restoration technician, to help bring order back into your wet house. Water can get easily trapped into your basement, ceilings and walls, which will cause irreparable damages. Then, there is the health concern of mold, which can cause serious health issues, and could potentially be fatal, if not destroyed at an early stage

What Tools We Use

We use a wide variety of water removal tools, such as industrial vacuums and high grade dryers, to restore your home. Since we all value breathing, our tools are completely environmentally friendly. Breathing clean air at home is essential, and ensures that the quality of air you breathe is completely safe. At 911 Remediation, our responsibility is to keep your home dry and safe. We also provide you with mold inspection and removal. Mold can eventually lead to a more lethal form, known as black mold. The health consequences can be very serious. Each technician is fully qualified to handle all types of mold remediation services. Once we capture the harmful bacteria, a sample is then sent back to our lab, and when the results come back, we’ll know exactly how to deal with that unwanted bacteria.


Be Dry & Safe with 911 Remediation

We work with expert water restoration technicians and mold removal specialists that are fully responsible for making your home a safer place to breathe. Don’t give black mold a chance to grow, let our friendly experts destroy it, while it’s still in its early stages. There are great hazards that come along with mold remediation, which is why, each technician comes fully prepared for the task at hand. Please feel free to ask them about proper cleaning techniques, as we provide a full range of services as well. We’re also on call 24/7 in case of emergencies. Your safety is our top priority!