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Tampering with this type of mold without the correct training and safety gear can cause more harm than good, spreading spores around and sometimes making the growth more aggressive.

However, gentle “vanilla” types of mold and mildew can be reduced in appearance by yourself if some careful steps and measures are taken and followed. These steps are not permanent, however, and you will need to repeat them regularly as the mold will most likely still grow back. It is just making the problem look a little better – this is a good move if you have guests coming and want to make your home look less unsightly, and plan to call a mold specialist first straight after.

We have produced this guide for helping you know which equipment you can use to handle a small and
non-toxic mold growth.

Equipment list

Rubber gloves: Regardless of the mold not being toxic, you don’t want to touch it as this causes transference. Invest in some good, thick rubber gloves for every time you come into contact with the mold for removal and even the cleaning products and equipment you use to remove it.

Mask: Covering your mouth and nose is important; you don’t want to take any chances breathing in anything nasty. This applies especially the cleaning products, which will likely be harmful to health if their fumes are inhaled.

Cleaning product: Use a good quality cleaning product, suitable for use with mildew and “friendly fungus.” This concentration and ratio and dilution should be according to the instructions. It will only reduce the ugly appearance of mold or mildew. You need to be clear that you are NOT killing it – you are just cosmetically clearing it up a little. But it will grow back…so call us to have us take care of it permanently!

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