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It’s always recommended that you contact a pro immediately, there are still some things you can do on your own. Calling the right water restoration company, will help get your home back to normal. Here is a list of helpful tips you can use, to at least ensure your home is safe, until help arrives:

  • Remove lamps, telephones and decorative items from wet furniture tops.
  • Remove standing water from flat surfaces by sponging and mopping.
  • Open drawers and cabinet doors for interior drying, but do not force open stuck drawers or doors.
  • Take up saturated rugs and carpets when hardwood floors are at risk.
  • Ventilate wet areas. Turn on air conditioning for accelerated drying in summer; in winter alternate cycles of opened windows and heating.
  • Never operate any electrical appliances while standing on wet carpet or floors.
  • Freeze valuable books and documents to retard mildew growth until drying can be performed.
  • Avoid rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.
  • Place aluminum foil squares, china saucers or wood blocks under furniture legs to avoid carpet staining.
  • Open drawers and remove couch cushions to help every inch of your possessions gain access to dry air.

Who to Contact in an Emergency?

Following these tips can be a great blessing for you, but who can you call to help fully restore your home? You need a reliable and trustworthy company that will be there for you, when you need them most. When it comes to water restoration, water extraction, and mold removal, there is one name that clearly stands out, 911 Remediation within the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento. We have been helping restore homes that were affected by serious water damage, for many years. We work with highly qualified technicians that utilize the most environmentally safe equipment and technology, to turn a watery mess, into a dry and safe place. We work 24 hours a day, and have the credentials and exceptional customer testimonials, to back us up. Give our friendly support team a call today, and let a professional and reliable water restoration technician, get your home looking like new again!